OU Cyber Gateway

The OU Cybergateway lets you use well-known scientific applications like WRF, Gaussian, NWChem, Quantum Espresso, and others through a Web browser interface. Keep track of your simulations’ metadata and output, and share with your team, collaborators. Supplement your teaching by giving students controlled access to scientific applications.


The OU Supercomputing Center for Education & Research, a division of OU Information Technology, helps undergraduates, grad students, faculty and staff to learn and use advanced computing in their science and engineering research and education.

Gateway to OSCER Resources

The OU Cybergateway allows you to run computational chemistry and atmospheric science applications on OU cluster computing resources through your Web browser.

Scaling out to XSEDE

Expand out to use XSEDE resources like TACC’s Stampede, SDSC’s Comet, and Pittsburgh Supercomputing Center’s Bridges supercomputers. Run scientific applications and manage remote data right away using the OU Cybergateway’s XSEDE community allocation.

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